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A South Florida Based Independent Publisher!


Additional Information Our philosophy is to publish “Books That Matter.”
We are dedicated to publishing books that will make a difference in people’s lives.

We propose a unique opportunity for our select authors to be published, create credibility, and make money, selling books. The typical author’s compensation with traditional publishers is extremely low, particularly for a first time or second time author. Compensation may range as low as forty cents to as high as a dollar or two. Of course there are exceptions. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for our authors to show a profit seven to eight times what is typically offered from traditional publishing houses. As an independent publisher we are able to provide generous compensations while keeping the book competitively priced. Our retail pricing will be within the average range for the genre and the author can make far more than the typical compensation, when sold within certain locations. Large booksellers do demand a very high discount, which is why our philosophy includes more of an integrated marketing system, ranging from corporate buys to social media marketing, in addition to traditional bookstore shelves.

There are so many books that have an important voice and need to be made available to the public. However, getting published is a numbers game. There are many estimates regarding the number of manuscripts that eventually become published works. It is estimated that only 3 out of every 10,000 submitted manuscripts ever get published, and even with an agent chances of that manuscript being read are extremely rare. Only 5% of published books are ever marketed and that 5% includes the Dan Brown’s and well known celebrities and politicians. This is why we are offering a unique opportunity. Many authors have opted for the self-publishing avenue, but without proper guidance it is very difficult, and many will eventually seek an independent publisher like Barringer for a complete makeover. We are a full service publishing and marketing company that will position your book smartly and strategically, while crafting an exclusive story about you, your book and your topic, and creating the right message that will attract the media and your target market. Barringer Publishing can have your book published and launched within 60 days of completion.

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