2017-04-20 / Healthy Living

Palm Beach Children’s Hospital expands pediatric surgeries


As the only dedicated children’s hospital between Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital consistently seeks to more effectively meet the medical needs of the children in our community. As part of these efforts, we’ve recently focused on further expanding our pediatric surgery program. This regional initiative, will help us improve pediatric systems of care, allowing us to stay up to date with the latest changes in pediatric surgery.

Led by Anne Fischer, MD, Ph.D., regional medical director of pediatric surgery for Tenet Healthcare’s Coastal Division, the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital’s combined network of specialists for the pediatric surgery program ranges from neonatologists to orthopedic surgeons. In the event that your child needs care from a general, urological, plastic or orthopedic surgeon, specialists are available 24/7 in-house to treat patients as quickly as possible. Thanks to the many specialists associated with our hospital, we’ve had the privilege of healing not only local children, but also those from surrounding communities.

FISCHER FISCHER As parents, most of you witness and may even recall injuries associated with childhood. From scraped knees to more serious ailments, such as a head injury, the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital is equipped to treat a range of conditions. Examples as to the kind of surgeries our team performs include, abdominal surgeries, like appendix and gallbladder removals, orthopedic corrections for spine and limbs, as well as surgical oncologic procedures.

Additionally, our Level I trauma center treats some of the most severely injured adult and pediatric patients. Pediatric trauma surgeons are accessible around the clock in the event that your child is involved in a vehicular accident, suffers a serious fall or other traumatic injury.

At the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital, we offer a variety of inpatient and outpatient pediatric multidisciplinary programs. From our concussion treatment center and multidisciplinary pediatric oncology program, to pediatric orthopedic, spine and general surgery, our team of dedicated pediatric surgical specialists work 24/7 in-house with specialists who treat anything from bumps and bruises, to more serious conditions. For more information about our services, visit www.palmbeachchildrenshospital.com, or call (888) 412-8141. ¦

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