2017-03-16 / Healthy Living

Spira invented for more productive runs

Spira was initially invented by runners for runners who simply wanted more enjoyable, longer and productive runs. Out of these ideas, Spira® was born. The WaveSpring® technology offered something amazing: incredible cushioning and impact protection against the pounding, stress and fatigue associated with the sport.

But the unexpected happened.

The technology helped people in many other activities and situations as well.

Through the remarkable support of friends, the community and others, the dream of starting Spira® became a reality.

Today, Spira® has sold almost 1 million pair of shoes.

Even though the technology was initially developed for running, and over 150 major races and marathons have been won by runners wearing Spira® shoes, the company receives numerous letters and emails from customers all over the world expressing how Spira® has helped them in a variety of ways.

From walking to standing on the job all day, from dance fitness classes to the gym,m, from medical rehabilitation it, to relieving foot, leg and joint pain, from more enjoyable vacations to quicker recovery between activities, Spira® is making a positive impact in many people’s lives.

Receiving a testimonial letter from someone whose quality of life has improved because of Spira® is extremely rewarding.

And because of these inspirational letters, the Spira® shoe line has expanded from running to other areas of footwear development and will continue to do so. ¦

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