2011-12-22 / Top News

The sights of the circus

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Barnum Bash will bring clowns, elephants and acrobats when the circus comes to town.

New with this show is the troupe of the Ringling Bros. Ringlettes,lettes, who will host the show.

The circus promises a pre-show party that will take place an hour before the show on the arena floor. Attendees can learn dance movess from clown DJ Dean, learnrn balancing and jugglingg skills, meet and take pictures caerial with circus stars and participate in a backstage visit that includes an up-close look at the animal menagerie.

In addition the Urias family’s Motorcycle

Mania, circus-goers can see Dimitri the Strong Man, Epic Asian Elephants, Wheel of Steel and hand balancers.

Expect to see Jodie Urias doing aerial acrobatics.ac

“Jodie is an ps acccomplished aerialist. And she is first-generation cicircus,” says her husband, ban motorcyclist Erwin UriUrias. “She puts a lot of her energy into the love of the aaerial artistry.”

AnAnd this go-round promises ises to be an intimate show. “You’re so close to the ring, you’re going to be amazed by all the incredible things that Barnum Bash is going to bring.” ¦

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