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The quest for quality and personal service

South Floridians are a picky bunch.

They want quality and, bucking most national trends, they’re willing to pay for it, too.

How else can you explain the growth of such shopping districts as West Palm Beach’s Antique Row? Or the continued success of other shopping venues, such as The Gardens Mall, which is now well into its third decade? Or even stores like Patrick Day Home Gallery, in business nearly 20 years and still going strong?

I thought about that today as I stopped by Anderson’s Classic Hardware in downtown West Palm Beach.

Showroom manager Rosemary Anderson was racing around and getting prices for clients, just as she has done all her life at the family business, open for more than 70 years.

Never mind that a national hardware chain opened a couple of years ago just up the street from Anderson’s or that Restoration

Hardware is building a mammoth new store around the corner in front of CityPlace.

SIMMONS SIMMONS You could spend thousands on bath fittings or lighting at Anderson’s.

Or you could spend $69 on the specialty garden spigots the store offers (see my Grace Notes column on Page 3).

But whether they spend thousands or spend nothing at all, customers appreciate the personal touch a store like Anderson’s offers.

They also like the custom look someone like designer Todd Hase (story, Page 6) can bring to their homes, with bespoke chairs, tables and other accessories.

His upholstery combines old techniques with new technology. The reason why it’s so comfortable? That probably has to do with the eight-way hand-tied springs he uses in the seats.

Mr. Hase frequently is in his store, too, just as Ms. Anderson is, and offers good thoughts on his mix of new and vintage items.

It’s as much fun chatting with him as it is seeing the hum of activity at Anderson’s or at Patrick Day Home Gallery in Jupiter, featured as this month’s cover story.

You never know what inspiration you will find in these stores and galleries.

Or what stories you’ll hear.

And that’s what keeps me coming back. ¦

— Scott Simmons, Editor

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