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Simple quality

Designer Todd Hase brings his minimalist aesthetic to West Palm Beach’s SoSo.

From the beautifully constructed bar cabinet in rich rosewood to the pretty pair of shell-shaped Murano glass dishes to the original oils by French painter Raoul Dufy, the incredible inventory in the 3,000-square-foot storefront at 5011 S. Dixie Highway has something for everyone to enjoy.

Todd Hase commands a prime piece of property on Modern Row, a strip of shops south of West Palm Beach’s world-famous Antique Row, and also offers assorted accessories for the home, great garden finds and luxurious items from estate sales.

“I like mixing the new and old,” said Todd Hase, owner of the flagship furniture store in New York who brought the brand to warmer climes four years ago. “I like mixing the transitional and traditional.”

Mr. Hase said he opened his downtown doors to “instant business,” starting out in a 600-square-foot showroom on Antique Row, then quintupling his space on Modern Row.

“It was instant business because of name recognition,” he said. “Most of our customers knew us from New York.”

The gallery is set up similar to the one at 111 E. Seventh St. What sells there sells here and, with the exception of the outdoor patio collection, what sells here sells there.

“There’s such a synergy between New York and the Southeast,” Mr. Hase said, noting that while the aesthetic is the same, the customer is different. “This is a resort community. We have a focused customer who shops while vacationing. New York is 24/7.”

The Harrington College of Design graduate, who studied both architecture and interiors, is best known for his furniture line. He debuted it in 1995, prompting a New York Times Magazine cover story that described his work as “made to be handed down to future generations.” His upholstery combines old techniques with new technology and is created with eight-way hand-tied springs and custom-fitted marquetry.

“The craftsmanship that goes into making something like this, a lot of people don’t know,” Mr. Hase said, pointing to a 72-inch-wide, 29-inch-deep Chester settee in buff. “It is meant to last.”

The line includes chairs, chaises, divans, lounges, ottomans and settees, as well as beds and headboards. The case-goods category features vividly veneered credenzas, desks and tables that also come in Lucite. Lamps, mirrors and pillows round out the collection.

“I wanted to create a collection of transitional furniture that had traditional references to it,” Mr. Hase said. “Clean, quiet, serene. It could fit within a modern interior or an antique salon, a Miami white condo or a Hamptons country home.”

Buyers comprise an equal mix of designers and homeowners looking for minimalism, simplicity and quality.

“We’re so easily integrated with so many different types of styles,” Mr. Hase said. “We’re connecting with our customers.”

The New York resident who spends the winters in South Florida and the summers in Paris keeps his store open seven days a week in order maintain accessibility.

“I am a strong supporter of brick-and-mortar showrooms,” Mr. Hase said. “It’s quite a different purchase than buying something on Amazon.”

Not having a day off has its advantages, he said.

“We’re literally the only ones open on Sunday, so we get all of the customers,” Mr. Hase smiles.

Early life

The Chicagoan grew up the son of antiques-dealer parents and followed the family trade at a young age. He started his own company as a tween.

“I owned my own business and filed taxes when I was 13,” Mr. Hase said. “I learned a lot. I learned how to run a business. I learned how to be an entrepreneur.”

After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he realized his passion for fine furniture and the market for it.

“The interior designer has a wealth of information, but at the same time, consumers are lot more savvy than they were 10 years ago,” Mr. Hase said. “They’ve come to develop their own taste. They appreciate a good product.”

Modern Row

Branching out to broaden his business has proved so successful that he recently moved into a residence within walking distance of his Modern Row location. The decision was both professional and personal.

“This is a cool place to live and work,” Mr. Hase said. “I just love the whole neighborhood in general.”

He said the area called SoSo (south of Southern Boulevard) has the potential to be as much of an economic engine as Antique Row.

“I equate it to Melrose [Avenue] in Los Angeles,” Mr. Hase said. “I see South Dixie Highway becoming a retail mecca.” ¦

— Todd Hase Furniture, 5011 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach. Info: (561) 249- 0200 or

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