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Designs that help you celebrate fall


Sferra Bristol throw from Pioneer Linens Sferra Bristol throw from Pioneer Linens Summer is over, and fall is here.

We’re weary of hunkering down for hurricanes and are ready for nesting.

Yes, Hurricane Irma turned our leaves brown.

But native Floridians will tell you the angle of the sunlight has changed — notice how the shadows are falling different now.

And is it my imagination, or was there just the faintest of chills in the air the other night?

Maybe not, but let’s pretend.

Get set to nest, get ready to unwind.

— Scott Simmons, Editor

Ok, it’s a wrap

Nothing says luxury like Sferra linens.

So what better way to cocoon than with one of these Bristol throws?

They’re 85 percent cotton, with 15 percent alpaca wool, to wrap you in a silken fleece.

Perfect for cuddling in front of a fire or your favorite flick.

Italian stools from Iconic Snob Galeries Italian stools from Iconic Snob Galeries Available for $205 at Pioneer Linens, 210 Clematis St., downtown West Palm Beach; 561-655-8553 or

Sitting pretty

You’ll see newer renditions of these 19th-century Italian stools, but they won’t have the warmth or patina of the originals.

They’d be great in an entry hall flanking a doorway.

Or you could huddle in front of a fireplace on one of these. I’d love to see someone use the pair in lieu of a cocktail table — just add trays.

The upholstery of gold velvet and embroidery makes a classic, elegant covering.

Priced at $3,600 at Iconic Snob Galeries, 2800 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach; 561-832-2801 or

A light find

Face it, folks: We’re stuck in hurricane season until the end of November.

SolarPuffs shine at Excentricities. SolarPuffs shine at Excentricities. Hopefully, we don’t need stylish ambient lighting because of power outages before then, but if we do, these SolarPuffs should do the trick.

The 4 1/3-inch cubes fold to about a quarter-inch thick and weigh only a couple of ounces. Yet they boast 100 lumens. Leave them in full sun and they’ll give you eight to 12 hours of light; even five hours of sunlight will get you five to eight hours of light.

They’re $29 at Excentricities, which has stores in Palm Beach County from Jupiter to Delray Beach. ¦

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