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Patrick Day Home Gallery brings together objects from Bali, Burma and beyond

Patrick Day Home Gallery in Jupiter offers 10,000 square feet of eye candy for designers, homeowners and those with a taste for the tropics.

The showroom is stuffed with chunky furniture, intricate lamps, throw pillows by the dozens and works of art from around the world that frame a seemingly endless array of vibrant vignettes. The average customer spends at least one hour in the store taking in the acquired abundance.

“We’re not your typical furniture store,” co-owner Drew Souerwine said. “We’re a home-accessories store. We really layer it in.”

Mr. Souerwine and partner Jim Mabrey travel the world for their inventive inventory of items, each of which tells a tale. That teak-root coffee table from Bali, those wood-carved chairs from Burma, an oil painting from Thailand and the chinoiserie chest from Vietnam all are fascinating finds.

“We bring back one-of-a-kind things that you’re just not going to see anywhere else,” Mr. Souerwine said. “It’s our collection.”

He and Mr. Mabrey consider themselves more decorators than designers, as 90 percent of their clients consist of shoppers seeking to sophisticate their spaces. Services include complimentary at-home consultations to identify areas in need of new life, establishing a budget for the project at hand and setting a timeline to reach the goal.

“All we ever want to see is a grin, ear to ear, when we’re done,” Mr. Souerwine said. “I particularly like it when they start to cry tears of joy.”

One satisfied couple who bought a home in Palm Beach Gardens’ Frenchman’s Reserve was so satisfied with how their interior was transformed that they sent Mr. Souerwine and Mr. Mabrey theater tickets to “Hamilton.”

“Building relationships is key,” Mr. Souerwine said. “To stage a house has nothing to do with it.”

Patrick Day Home Gallery’s signature style trends toward traditional. Colorful floor coverings, comfortably shaped sofas, cozy bedroom sets and stately dining room pieces can be seen at every twist and turn. A touch of the islands is conveyed through such imaginative accents as a green mosaic box that rests on four reptilian feet and sprouts the head of a sea turtle and a large ceramic alligator whose long curly tail holds a magnifying glass. “I don’t like typical,” Mr. Mabrey said. “I like curated.”

The store, in business for close to 20 years, has seen its share of fads and fashions, from British Colonial — think plantation shutters, ceiling fans and lots of flora and fauna — to Old World — a la arched entryways, wrought-iron detailing and tall windows heavily treated with drapery, jabots and swags. Today, coastal is popular.

Jim Mabrey (left) and Drew Souerwine of Patrick Day Home Gallery in Jupiter. 
AMY WOODS/FLORIDA WEEKLY Jim Mabrey (left) and Drew Souerwine of Patrick Day Home Gallery in Jupiter. AMY WOODS/FLORIDA WEEKLY “But not with the signs that point, ‘This way to the beach,’” Mr. Mabrey said. “I call ours classy coastal or contemporary coastal.” Adding elements of other cultures to a room, whether coastal in motif or otherwise, can create a dynamic effect, he said. For example, bringing an antique Asian cabinet or sideboard into a room with Caribbean-influenced rattan or wicker will evoke curiosity and make a statement.

“I like to walk into a room and look at a multitude of different pieces,” Mr. Mabrey said. “There’s beauty in everything. It’s a matter of being able to put it together.”

As a complement to decorating services, custom design is available for people with particular palates. From the fabric of the comforter to the color of the paint, the options are plentiful. Who could have envisioned black walls, white carpet and emerald furniture blending brilliantly in a New York City condominium? Mr. Mabrey did.

“We are extremely vision-oriented,” he said. “I never think of money. What I think of is how I can make a house evolve.” ¦

— Patrick Day Home Gallery, 1226 W. Indiantown Road, No. 103, Jupiter. Info: (561) 748- 0282 or

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