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Welcome to Florida Weekly’s Best special section

The Best compiles the obscure, the beautiful, the whimsical and the wondrous. It allows us all to take an off-kilter look at the people, places, food, art and music that make Palm Beach County a great place to live.

Many “best of” publications are filled solely with content that’s bought and paid for; that’s not our style at Florida Weekly. Yes, our advertisers — the folks who make this piece of Floridian pulp and history you hold in your hands possible — receive shout-outs from us here. It’s only fair. And with these items, too, we’ve been able to loosen up and have some fun.

The non-scientific, non-crowdsourced process by which we choose our Best winners begins with a meeting of writers in cramped quarters sipping bad coffee. Varied in background, interests and generation, the scribes are then set free to scour the nooks and crannies of our region and the Florida Weekly archives.

From all of this comes this celebration of all that is superior, and it is good.

No. It is Best.

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